Augmented Textbook

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  • Augmented Textbook iPad app
    Textbooks today lack interactivity and flexibility. The most important element in learning is interactivity. The Augmented Textbook project aims to bring interactivity into today’s textbooks. Furthermore, it is an attempt to bring textbook content to life. The overall purpose of this iPad app is to use Augmented Reality to bring contents of a circuit textbook to life.
  • User can point the iPad at the circuit and see the components augmented on the app. User can oreint the iPad in different direction and positions and see the components as if they existed on the book. User can also change different values of the circuit components and seeing the results reflected on the augmented components. One example is the value of the resistor. After changing the value of the resistor, the color bands of the resistor changes corresponding to the correct resistance value.