Augmented Reality Application “Republic of the Past”

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  • Final Bachelor Project (Vilnius Academy of the Arts)
    Lecturer: Marius Žalneravičius
    Photography: Laura Vanagaityte
    Project was selected to participate in “The Young Designer’s Prize 2013″ exhibition (Vilnius, Lithuania) among 15 best Lithuanian bachelor projects of graphic, industrial and fashion design.
    “Republic of the Past” is an application that gives opportunity to get to know the unique and forgotten stories of the most interesting Vilnius district – Užupis. This part of the city has been popular with artists and compared to Montmartre in Paris due to its bohemic and never-mind atmosphere. On April 1, 1997, the district declared itself an independent republic (The Republic of Užupis – that is where the name for the app came from). Existance of red light district, oncology clinic , water supply establishment, the construction of water tower – these are just a few interesting and little known stories of Užupis that have been gathered while preparing this project.
    So how does this app work?
    In order to get the information about the unique stories and buildings, in the introductory window you should choose Home > Map.
    Second, choose the most interesting story and get to know where exactly in Užupis you should go to get to know it.
    Home > Map > 1. Oncology Clinic
    The app also shows which architectural detail it recognizes on a certain building.
    Finally, when you go to the particular area, point your device camera to the specific detail of the building and activate “Recognize building” function, the app recognizes it and shows a short animation that tells a story about that place.
    After the animation, text information appears.
    Until this day, there are 5 stories/animations included in the project: