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    This is my graduation project, which is an interactive invitation that uses Augmented Reality technology. prototyoe of the project made for student works exhibiton of Sabanci University. The markers on the invitation shows the places of the artworks in the exhibiton area, and gives extra information about layout, invitation text etc. The invitation shaped as cube because by this way it is possible to navigate between markers without touching the computer so it is kind of a menu system. is the website of the project right now. The website also contains more information about the exhibiton.But it is not possible to see the augmented reality if you dot have the invitation because I wanted it to be an exclusive event.

    Here you can see the entrance video (kind of a trailer:), poster of my presentation, "how to use it" video and images.
  • invitation and envelope design, how to make the invitation.
  • my presentation poster
  • how to use it video