Audiosketch Nm.1

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  • A side project, these are isolated takes from [untitled] along with images used for reference. None of the versions include bass, none are mastered. Created in Ableton Live, these are ideas in progress / variations on a theme. Written while waiting on long renders.
  • Simpler variation on original verse,
    without violin.

    Music box, bowed psaltery in (b).
    Wood block.

    [ C ]
    Verse (a) var | Verse (b) var
  • A version of verse with build up.
    Includes both violin and bowed psaltery, music box, analog synth.

    Build version with guitar, rolling snare.
    Saw (wide) synth.

    [ C ]
    No bass.
    4-bar structure.

    Verse (a) | Verse (b) | Build (a) | Build (a) var
  • Longer version of a verse with an alternate structure (8-bar).
    With violin, bowed psaltery, music box, analog synths.

    Includes a fuller variation (b) with guitar, rolling snare.
    Mellotron flutes.

    [ C ]
    No bass. 

    Verse (b) | Verse (b) var
  • Alternate phrase / possible ending,
    with noise / field recordings.

    Loop (c) | Var