Au Fait Mama Branding, Stationary and Label Program

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    Branding, Stationary and Label Program
  • Arithmetic chose a paired down, symbolic design approach when creating the logomark for Au Fait Mama - a new Vancouver based line of breastfeeding and maternity apparel created by a mother for mothers.

    Arithmetic and Au Fait Mama set out with the common goal to create a modern and nurturing brand that would stand out amongst the often cluttered and over-designed shelves of the maternity and baby retail world. To create a brand that appealed to modern mamas, resonated quality and symbolized love.

    Drawing inspiration from the west coast lifestyle, arithmetic created a symbol that represents a woman in a sitting formation with a nurturing pose of a child within her arms or womb. Simple at first glance this logomark will allow the company to broaden it’s product range with flexibility, yet specific enough for the consumer to understand their unique offering. The style that logo was created in - strong, solid vector lines allows for the logo to transfer onto a multitude of surfaces from paper, wood, heat transfers for size labels, and even small scale for woven labels. 

    Au Fait Mama is continuously receiving compliments on the branding and is finding that launching her product line with a strong logomark has helped open doors for her that would otherwise be hard to come by.