• Atvago
    Integrated branding for show.

  • We were invited to establish a stand out presence for a new Game show in Hungary. Called Atvago, the name is play on words that incorporates one of Hungary’s biggest stars Istvan Vago.
    An already established notion was a dome-like sphere that was a metaphor for the brain. Taking a nod from some established sci-fi properties we devised the Tron-esque moving image work to show the epic battle of 3 competing ‘Gyros’, battling to activate the dome or brain.
    Consecutively we worked to establish a sophisticated brand story across all imagery (on and off air) as well as completing the supporting billboard campaign. The property has launched with great success.

    Director: Nick Scott @studiohansa

    Concept/Direction: Studio Hansa
    VFX/CGI; GlossyRey
    Music and sound composition: Si Begg

    Set design; Akos Bara