Atvago Opener

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  • This animation was done for a Game show in Hungary called “Atvago”.
    Gyro racing represents three competitors fighting for final stage of “Atvago” challenge-the glowing spherical dome.Thanks to the great direction and communication from our colleagues at Studio Hansa we pulled out this action- pumped piece we are proud of. 
    Concept: Studio Hansa
    Director: Nick Scott @studiohansa
    Exec Producer: Omar Honigh
    Concept Art: Stanko Stupar, Nemanja Zivkovic
    Modeling: Stanko Stupar, Nemanja Zivkovic, Nenad Peric
    Animation: Stanko Stupar
    VFX: Nemanja Zivkovic
    Rendering: Stanko Stupar
    Compositing: Stanko Stupar
    Edit: Studio Hansa
    Additional Compositing: Studio Hansa