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  • Atomic Distributing
    Website re-design & Logo re-design
  • Logo Design.
    Before they had no logo design. They used regular text on all their marketing material. The company liked a particular font and wanted to continue to use it in their logo. 
  • This client was a local client that wanted a whole re-design of their current website.

    Things that we added/changed:
    1. New design/Color Schemes/Logo
    2. New layout and over all feel.
    3. Easier to update content.
    4. Up to date content for their vendors
    5. Social Networking
    6. New Age verification Page
  • This is the BEFORE design.
    Before they had hardly any way to update their content. 
    They now have a hip and new age verification page.
    This was modeled after the front door of theirbuilding. They were very proud of their history and these windows were part ofit. A custom job from a local glass company.
    > Website Link
  • New Design
    We took some ideas from many of their competitors that they liked and we used those ideas to create a feel of fun and excitement for their viewers. It is now being updated by their current Printer/Designer.