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    Various Album Covers
    The brief is always to reflect each individual CD's character whilst continuing to promote Atoll as a premium classical music company.
    'Elegy' is an album of passionate, Russian music played by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists. It went to number 1 in the classical charts and got a ***** review from William Dart in the Herald ("...gripping... soulful... passionate... yet another superb release in Atoll's estimable catalogue"). Our solution was to find an image that evoked a timeless Russian feel (without resorting to Cossacks and Onion Domes). The image was heavily reworked in photoshop to communicate an intensity but with a hint of light bursting through.
     'Flight' is an album of contemporary flute and harp music. The music is varied and often more challenging than one might expect from these two instruments. The cover was inspired by Japanese prints and was intentionally split in two to reflect the light and shade of the music.
    'Gung-Ho' is a collection of contemporary trombone music. It was felt that the cover should feature the instrument alone, shot in a beautiful abstract way, to create a bold statement. The CD won classical album of the year 2009 at the Vodafone Tui Awards.
    'A sound came from heaven' is the second CD by the Graduate Choir. The concept was to reflect the strong New Zealand and Polynesian flavour of the choir's sound. Therefore we chose to feature an abstract painting by Nigel Smith inspired by Auckland's west coast landscapes.
    'Electro-Acoustic works' featured the pioneering electronic recordings of Douglas Lilburn. The music was released in a sumptuous multi CD and DVD package with highly illustrated booklets.
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