Atmospheric Water Collector

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  • Atmospheric Water Collector
    A portable water collector that obtains drinkable water from air and fits on common plastic bottles.
  • This is a project for environmentalharmonious lifestyle course in which we were asked to biomimic the NamibianDesert Beetle that collects water from air using tiny bumps on its back withhydrophobic and hydrophilic extremes. I decided to design a water collectingdevice very portable and universal to common plastic bottle threads. Ideallythis would be most useful in survival situations where drinkable water is scarce.
  • Research & Testing

    The testing failed miserably. Even with a good weatherand temperature, including using the cooling effects from low temperature nightsky, only tiny droplets of water were collected. However, I'm confident thatwith better quality hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, enough water shouldcollect since my tests were only done with common household products.

  • Product Concept
    There are quite a fewproducts out there that utilize the same idea of collecting water from air,also survival techniques too; however, most of them requires a large set-upspace and not exactly portable. The main selling point of this design would beits versatility fitting on plastic bottles which can be easily obtained orsavaged even in the wilds. The indicator would serve as a warning system forusers that tells them they might want to find other sources of water if thehumidity is insufficient.