• Over the last 20 years,globalization and the development of technology has made easier themovement and communication between people far away. We then projected afuture in 2025, where the mix in cultures and religions will lead tomore open minds that will transmit and share their emotions. We thoughtabout a car that reflects in this future where the search forinteraction and knowledge of world cultures is a priority of anindividual. An open car that allows one to interact and accommodate theoutside world. We call it as Aston Martin Agora'. "AGORA" a greek word meaning a square which is place to communicate and share lives.
  • Research Sketch

  • Both the pillars detaches and slides on top of the hood
    allowing the passengers to get out

  • The version made for rain,the pieces of the body
    detaches and the transparent roof gets locked in between
  • Exploded view showing the various components and materials
    used in the car
  • Artistic representation showing one can share music,
    work, religion, cultures through the transparent LCD Screen