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Various personal paintings. Will be updated soon.
Assorted Works
Digital Painting
El Indio Patoruzú - My interpretation of the argentinian comic character created by Dante Quinterno.
Funebrito y Parvovirus

El Payaso Funebrito y su perro Parvovirus. Anima tu fiestita y tu velorio a puro y vivaracho humor negro.
©Germán Covacevich - 2012

Funebrito Clown and his dog Parvovirus. Brings fun to your party and to your funeral with pure and delicate black humour.
©Germán Covacevich - 2012
Dreamscape - Cova 2009

Nippur de Lagash - 2013
Pepe Sánchez - 2013
Efecto Residual - Cova 2014
Aside - Cova 2014