Association, Vol. 5

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  • Association, Vol. 5 is a publication that brings together works produced by the students, faculty, and alumni of Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, & Planning.

    Volume Five is unbound and without hierarchy: a collection of plates, each presenting a single project, unique in content, medium, scale, and character. The containing box becomes a framework for indexing, filtering, and categorizing the project plates, expanding the scope of each discipline to reveal common themes and dialogues between the three fields. The result is a complex network of relationships.
    1 collection. 66 plates. Countless associations.
    Association, Vol. 5 was conceived, curated, and designed by an interdiciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students at Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Volume Five continues the goal of the first four volumes -- to unite and connect the fields of Architecture, Art, and Planning -- and additionally strives to become a works publication for the school, the last of which was produced a decade ago.
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    Print Publication
    Co-Editor in Chief & Graphic Designer
    Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
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