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Branding, art direction, and design for online anti-bullying platform.
Case Study
My client came to me with an idea to form some type of web tool to combat bullying. Although she had a thousand ideas to throw on the table, the general idea was a bit nebulous. Nameless and bleeding with the desire to create something that would improve the world, we embarked on a long (loooong) dinner meeting to hash things out. A week or two later, we emerged, scars still fresh, with a name and a mission: Assembully — An unintrusive tool to encourage conversation about the issue of bullying in whichever environment it may infest, in an effort to combat the act.

We evaluated ourselves, our intended audience, our competition, and the broad landscape of the communities we were looking to impact in order to attempt to mainfest a presence that could make a user feel welcome, energized, and revitalized about the tough issue of bullying.

Site is set to launch October 2012.
Mission statement
Logo color variation & social media badges.
Video Storyboard / In production.
Character variations for video.