Aspartame - Deadly poison

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  • Aspartame - E951

    The video is showing the Violent and Dangerous Fish, which represents Aspartame.

    Latest independent medical and scientific researches has proved a long list of poisonous effects caused by consuming even a smallest doses of Aspartame.

    Aspartame or E 951 is commonly present in SUGAR FREE products. Memory loss, Depression, Hypertension, Facial flushing, Paranoia, Diabetes, Brain Cancer, Heart problems, Parkinson's disease are the result of consuming the Aspartame.

    "Do not accept without examination." Immanuel Kant
    "Look all with your own eyes and consider everything fully." Immanuel Kant

    Motion design : Focos
    Sound design : Mausmaki
    After Effects & Blender (3D).