Ashley House

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  • Ashley House is a full-service property solutions business operating in the health, care and community sectors in England and Wales. The company is listed on the AIM stock exchange and has a 20 year track record delivering high quality, value-for-money properties with proven specialisms in consulting, design and construction as well as asset and estate management. Ashley House competes in the healthcare market for primary care property services contracts and within an exclusive set of private sector partners for NHS LIFT contracts. In the face of a rapidly changing market, a new government and new opportunities, Ashley House has moved to change the perception of the company from a construction and materials infrastructure specialist to a complete property solutions provider. Ashley House offers a full-service and cost-effective 'one-stop' shop and has a distinct advantage over competitors by offering inhouse expertise in design and construction. The ambition of 'transforming community environments' captures the essence of Ashley House and the brand-idea 'well-adapted' (ie. adapted to wellness) has determined a brand-world made up of brand-marks that are designed to communicate endurance through adaptation in an evolving and ever-changing environment.