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A printed task manual, and online task worksheets aimed at maintenance and building trades. Produced for the Health and Safety Executive. HSG210
Asbestos Essentials
A priced publication for HSE - HSG210
Asbestos Essentials is a 146 page task manual aimed atbuilding and maintenance trades, illustrating how to deal with asbestos incertain situations. The guidancewas also published as separate pdfs online. See and

Asbestos essentials hadto be designed to work well in print and online formats. The book had to behard-wearing, and of a suitable size to be carried around by workers. It was designed in A5format, with a high gloss laminated cover, a fold-out diagram showing locationsof asbestos, and was ring-bound so that it could easily be laid open whileworking.

Languagehad to be simple, directive and at a level suitable for employees and soletraders as well as managers. The design, content and marketing of the guidancehad to convey the prevalence of asbestos and to visibly target the variety oftrades likely to come into contact with asbestos.

I designed and edited this project in collaboration with a range of industry experts to make the language technically accurate, while targeted at a less technical readership. Research showed that a high number of maintenance workers tend to take risks with their own wellbeing, but were morelikely to respond to the threat to colleagues, friends and family. The book and marketing campaign were designed specifically to target this audience.