As Aventuras de Gui e Estopa - Season 1

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  • As Aventuras de Gui e Estopa - Season 1
    "The Adventures of Gui and Estopa"
  • "As Aventuras de Gui e Estopa" or "The Advetures of Gui and Estopa" is a animated series created by Mariana Caltabiano.
    The first season has 26 episodes of 2 min.
    I worked as
    Digital animator, digital painter, effects and post-production.
    Year of the production of the episodes - 2006 and 2007.
  • Storyboard
    "Year - 2006"

    Here you can see one of the storyboards I did, it's from the episode called "Hide and Seek".

  • Character Design
    "Year - 2006"

    Some of the character designs I created for this show.
  • Videos
    You can watch the episodes that I worked as Writer and Storyboard Artist.