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Project design of a Web App for Artspace Galleries.
Artspace Galleries
Web App
The challenge

This is a personal project that I designed for Artspace Galleries, a company established inMayfair London in 2006 and quickly opening its doors in Paris.
In the last few years, art related companies and institutions have taken advantage of last generation technologies, improving killer web marketing strategies. The inspiration ofthis work started from a simple question: “Why waste our valuable time searching catalogues and artist on line, if you can find everything you need in“one easy to use” service?”
Artspace Galleries wants make thelife easier, providing a web app can make an extra value for his own brand.This project is mainly designed for two targets: artists and potential buyers,two relevant subjects of this business.


A key part of the strategy is promoting artists’ works and providing incentives for the online selling. The second key is creating connections between artists by a dedicated solid social network, where sharing information, comments and inspiring creative collaborations.

On the other side, buyers can have quickly accessing to all information and details about the artists represented by the galleries, artpieces, galleries’ exhibitions and the chance to book their purchases directly from the app with a simple click.


The outcome is a visually inspiring web app with high quality content in a variety of forms underpinned by a user experience that encourages exploration and discovery.