Arts & Culture | Spring 2014

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  • Brochure cover - designed to represent the various departments of the College of Fine Arts and Communication: Dance, Theatre, Art, Music and film. The music notes were printed in a gloss varnish.
    Best of Category (Finalist) - Brochures & Catalogs from American Graphic Design & Advertising 29
    American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA
    American In-house Graphic Design Award from GDUSA
  • The back cover was comprised of 5 panels that, when unfolded, revealed a schedule-at-a-glance. This schedule could then be seperated, at a micro-perferation, from the detailed multi-page brochure and put up in a dorm room, on a fridge, etc. Extra runs of the cover were printed allowing it to also serve as a stand-alone mailer.