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Name and logo for new creative design resource

Artizenya Identity

Self branding
People say doing work for yourself can be one of the most painful processes to go through. I would say branding yourself is probably the most difficult task given the deep self analysis that goes with it. Somehow I was able to develop this new identity for showcasing myself.

The creation of a new name, Artizenya, began first with a name I was working on for a personal blog I was creating. This blog started with the notion of  "Ya Yas" from the phrase made famous by The Rolling Stones, "Get Your Ya Yas Out". The name I came up with was "Citizen Ya Ya" which to me meant expressing oneself with the utmost truthfulness by doing only what you truly want to do. I then simplified this to be – "Citizenya".  When I started to think about a name for a site showcasing my design work I changed this up to become "Artizenya".

I liked this name and started to dissect it for meaning and came up with the following: Art/i/zen/ya – /Art/ influencing the senses, emotions, and intellect with   /I/ singular design   /Zen/ based on the nature and strength of  /Ya/ your project, product or idea.

The next task was to give this a visual identity. I wanted a unique custom logotype that would show off pure design ability so I set out to design unique individual letterforms that worked together to form a complete whole. Then I settled on a color pallete and supporting background visual to go with.

Thus I had the foundation of the identity in place. Yeah!