Artillería branding

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  • Artillería
     branding for the theatre production house "Artillería"

  • Dummie of the flash web page
  • Play poster
  • Play bill for "Ensayo sobre débiles" it's supposed to fold in half, the upper part is the exterior and the bottom image is the interior.
    The word "débiles" in the eyes on the main image won't be printed, it will be hand-put with a stencil, so you the word has certain irregularity and appears to be weaker than the rest of the words (débil means weak in English).
  • We also took this idea of breaking the structure to other applications, in this brochure we used a letter format but bent it in a way the final form is very irregular and angular.
  • Sticker, wallpaper and vinyl laptop skin
  • Souvenir stickers. Instead of putting the logo everywhere, we thought of the idea of using only the same graphic language: broken letters, so people can grab and take their favorite letter sticker (probably their first name letter).
  • Artillería rarely has big budgets, we thought of making stencils they could use in different situations where they need to put the logo.