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    northwest forum on visual art
  • Artdish is a Seattle-based online regional arts magazine for the Pacific Northwest. The site has been up online since 1999 and started as an online forum for artists and arts enthusiasts to connect, discuss and debate art news, creative issues and comment on local arts and gallery exhibitions. The inspiration for the site emerged as filling a social niche missing in the Seattle and Northwest arts scene at the time and as inheriting an extension of local and regional arts press that emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, notably Reflex Magazine.
    The site evolved away from the bulletin board emphasis towards a more editorial focus, and has become like an artists-run center for reviews, commentary, and arts editorial. Frequent contributors include Seatle arts critic Matthew Kangas, KUOW arts reviewer Gary Faigin from the Gage Academy, and dance critic Marcie Sillman. Past contributors include Artdish Editor Jim Demetre and Artdish Founder / Editor Victoria Josslin. Several other artists and writers have offered commentary and reviews including former Reflex Editor Elizabeth Bryant and Artist Iole Alessandrini.
    Artdish continues publication on its WordPress-supported blog platform at
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