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Poster proposals for Art Truc Troc 2013.
What does TRUC TROC mean?
The "Art Truc Troc" event has a unique and original concept. At the exhibition the visitor can trade anything he wishes for a piece of art at its estimated value: an object, service, material, trip, … that might interest the artist. No money is involved, only unexpected and unique exchanges.

The visitor that has been seduced by a piece of art can propose his swap and leave his name and phone number on a post-it that he leaves next to the piece he likes. The artist, present on the premises, will decide wheather he wants to call him back, negociate a bit more or confirm the swap, on that same day or on another.

Mon de Rijck and Charline Mahy inaugurated in 1975 the first ‘Truc Troc’ in the Castle Malou at Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Almost 30 years later, this atypical event has been recreated at Bozar, and ever since it has been coordinated by the cultural Council of Wolu-Culture.
First proposition and details.
Second proposition and details.