Art Exhibition Proposal

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  • This is a project for school in collaboration with The Office of Gilbert Li (, it consisted on designing a book/catalogue for an artist of our choice for a fictional event. I chose Matthias Heiderich, his pictures have been featured in many websites (check his portfolio here:

    I designed 2 proposals for an art show featuring Matthias’s photographs at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the first proposal is a mini catalogue that would be distributed for free displaying some of Matthias photographs. It is a  3in x 3in fold out book where you can see about 4 photographs of 5 photographic series taken by Matthias. To divide the series I used colours that would define that certain series. On the back of the photographs there is a biography about Matthias.
  • Second Proposal

    The second proposal is a 4.5in x 8in catalogue. Since most if not all of the pictures are square, I worked with a grid and tried to display as many pictures as I could concentrating on one picture that I thought described the entire series. On the right side I took the time to accomodate the photographs by colour and left a blank space where the big picture belongs.