• Aroma
    Gastronomic Lounge
    We were commisioned to create the new brand and the whole menu and comunication for the gastronomic lounge Aroma, in Menorca (Balearic Islands).

    They gave us the naming Aroma, that means taste in spanish. We decided to use a simple Gotham typeface for the logo, that would be in black and the rest of the senses in transparent UBI. With this typograhic structure and the nose illustration we had the elements to develop a whole brand for the gastronomic lounge.

    Project done in collaboration with Albert Martínez Pujals.
  • Menu

    To make a totally distinguishable menu, we made ourself a question: ¿If the most important thing in a restaurant is the food why is never reflected in the use of the typography? So, we dediced to use one page for each plate.

    Here the function of the menu becomes more that show the food, it's a way to understand the food and the way that it's ate, the user is obligated to to have a more calm read of the menu and to enjoy the menu at the same way that he will enjoy the tasting of the food.

    For the cover we decided to make something very simple to give more importance to the content. We decided to use just a simple illustration of a nose without the name.
  • Communication

    To create the whole system for their communication we used two of the most representative brand elements. We used every sense to communicate one of the events that they had at the restaurant.
    An eye for art expositions, an ear for concerts and music and a mouth for the tasting events.

    Also, we used the same typographic criteria for the posters. We put the instruments of the band for concerts, the kind of mushrooms that you would taste or the paiting elementes for the expositions.
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