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Recruiting potential officers for the Armed forces I decided to take a unique and innovative approach.
Armed Forces Recruitment
Recruit newly graduated students that have the potential to become an officer in the armed forces via qualifications gained whilst studying.

Initially I decided to tackle the brief by creating posters that where aimed at people who had good qualifications but where being under estimated in their current job (these posters are below).

The posters where designed to initially deceive the viewer as you can’t really tell what the shapes are in the background but upon logging onto the web site shown on the posters and seeing that the poster is actually an advertisement for the Armed Forces the viewer would be able to put two and two together and realize what the shape in the background was for instance the tank or the plane which relates to the marines and the RAF.
This page shows my Adshel designs mocked up showing how they would work.

The Adshel would be fitted with a motion sensor and as a person got closer they would activate it. The light would then switch on from behind the poster and beam the typographic layer through the camouflage.
The idea is that initially with the person being further away they would just see the camouflage pattern but as they get closer and activate the light through the motion sensor they would make the hidden message visible.
Above shows how I experimented with with my adshell concept. I created a light box with several layers and printed my cammo onto acetate. As you can see the results where great and when the light was turned on the typographic layer behind beamed through and was visible to the viewer. This idea took a lot of experimentation with the distance between the light and each layer and also the opacity of the cammo and typography but I got there in the end and I felt the results where brilliant!
Here would be my guerilla marketing campaign. My plan is to use the camouflage pattern, that’s also used in my Adshels, on many different forms of public transport as they will be used and seen most commonly by my prime target audience - students.

The target audience would keep seeing the camouflage pattern pop up around town and city centres when they would then eventually see the billboard which will also be somewhere around town or within the city.
They will have the visual link and connect the two together. My intentions here where to play around with irony as with the vehicles being camouflaged they still stick out like a sore thumb and this is the intention I’m going for. I also think that the slogan used on the billboard connects the two really well telling the audience not to just blend in like the rest of the people but to stand out and be somebody.
This is the web site that potential recruits would be drove to via my poster, adshel and guerilla campaigns. As you can see the home page is initially neutral but upon clicking or hovering over the emblem that represents that particular area of the Armed Forces the page suddenly changes into the colour scheme of that area and the text also changes from ‘An Officer in the Armed forces’ to ‘An Officer in The Army’ for example.
As you can see I’ve based the web design around info graphics as I wanted the potential recruits not to be put off by information overload. I wanted them to read the benefits of joining the Armed Forces before being put off by a boring web site. I think the web site looks really interesting and would also be a bit fun for the target audience which where my intentions.

The web site is kind of like a puzzle and above you can see that you make your way through with ease by clicking on the button to view the next set of information. The reason for doing was to give the audience a sense of direction within the web site.

Upon reaching the end of the information the user then has the option to send off for an information pack. This would then explain in more depth the process of becoming an Army Officer.
Above would be the web site for the marines which is very similar in style to the army. The page would be very similar to the other sections of the Armed Forces apart from a few minor changes to pay, gender and contact telephone numbers or the web page.
I created an App similar to my web design using info graphics but instead made it fit the resolution of phone screens in order to make it flow a lot more for scrolling purposes. Here shows how the app would flow in it’s single form.

Upon logging onto: on your smart phone you would be asked if you wanted to download the App from the App store. This would give the viewer a much easier viewing experience.
As I mentioned earlier you can obtain an information poster from the web site that would explain in more depth how to become an Armed Forces Officer.

The Army Officer design would be on the front of the poster and the information diagram would be on the back. The reason for the poster is that I hope the user will stick it up in there room or somewhere else with it being nicely designed rather than receiving an information pack and dumping it in a cupboard after reading it once.
Here are the emblems for each area of the armed forces.

From left to right: Army, RAF, Navy & Marines