Armazém 23

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  • Integrated in the Lisbon shipping harbour surroundings,
    Armazém 23 is a multi-purpose space created to respond
    the city need of low-cost options for temporary events.

  • The stencil typeface was created to write messages
    in a flexible and affordable way.

    The selected typeface, hyper-modern version os stencil writing,
    is a perfect exemple of the industrial environment
    where the Armazém 23 is located.

  • Armazém 23 is as characteristic as any industrial building
    in any part of the world would be.
    This neutral form is what I used to build the industrial mood for the logo.

  • Armazém 23 is located in a zone of high-risk of graffiti damage.
    A contest will be held in order to attract public attention
    and to give the building a distinct image
    through the positive side graffiti art can have,
    long before the buildings image is destroyed.

    Number 23 will be the sole creative condition
    to the portuguese versions of Jean-michel Basquiat.

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