Armada Website Redesign

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  • Armada
    Website Re-design
  • Armada is a five-star deluxe boat docked in the Nile River along the banks of the heart of Cairo. I was commissioned to redesign their website in a way that is both user-friendly & simple. When designing this website, I thought about the concept of Armada: one ship with many restaurants and event halls inside. That in turn led my path of imagination towards the final design shown below.

    This site has yet to be launched.
  • The concept of one website layout in the form of a box with all the content comes from Aramada in the way that it is one boat with many smaller shops inside.
  • Colored tabs for clear navigation of website. Short intro about Armada on homepage to let visitors know who they are.
  • Offers Page.
  • Contact Us Page.
  • Web Design & Layout: Ayah Moustafa.
    Web Development & Strategic Advice: Mohamed Mohiy.
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