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I redesigned the website of Armada: a docked cruise ship in the Nile River of Egypt. It offers cafe shops, restaurants, and event venues.
Website Re-design
Armada is a five-star deluxe boat docked in the Nile River along the banks of the heart of Cairo. I was commissioned to redesign their website in a way that is both user-friendly & simple. When designing this website, I thought about the concept of Armada: one ship with many restaurants and event halls inside. That in turn led my path of imagination towards the final design shown below.

This site has yet to be launched.
The concept of one website layout in the form of a box with all the content comes from Aramada in the way that it is one boat with many smaller shops inside.
Colored tabs for clear navigation of website. Short intro about Armada on homepage to let visitors know who they are.
Offers Page.
Contact Us Page.
Web Design & Layout: Ayah Moustafa.
Web Development & Strategic Advice: Mohamed Mohiy.
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