Ariyaf - arab cuisine

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    web-site production for the arabian cuisine restaurant

    Word "Ariyaf" meansrural villa in translation from arabian language. A great feature ofthis restaurant is it's interior, which supports the atmosphere of aluxury arabian countryhouse. That is why we tried to build the samelook-and-feel for a visitor of the site like the one that he wouldexperience from visiting restaurant itself.

  • Main page
  • Clocks and welcoming message changes, depending on time of day, offering for the visitor different lounge of the restaurant.
  • Content page
  • All content fits on a single page, without vertical scrolling. We've implemented a java-script based menu to make accessible content area.
  • Lounge page
  • All further navigation is happening through different lounges of the restaurant, representing their various features
  • Arab food