Mentor: Mladen Orešić
    The Aree table was made as a part of a project called «Design in real environment» which was realised at the School of Design's degree studies in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. The primary goal was the incitement of craftsmanship through the design of competitive products but also a long-term affirmation of the importance of designers and craftsmen merging.
    The collaboration with Armarion, an interior design and furniture company, resulted in a product which, with its composition, tends to present the craftsman's qualities and capabillities in woodcraft as well as to take a representative role in his market supply. The prototype is entirely handcrafted, excluding any use of CNC technology, which goes to showcase the virtuosity of the craftsman's skills on the grounds of which the trade edifies its identity on the market.
    A choice of high quality materials such as ash wood and artificial stone Kerrock attained construction quality and visual attractiveness which warrant the product's high price value and make single production possible until conditions for serial production are met. Two versions of the product have been designed, the dining table and the office table with a hanging cupboard.