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    the italian rainbow in your life
  • Arcobaleno is an italian supermarket that sells eco products/ natural. But to show this side of the business, I needed a way to combine the meaning of the store's name and its objective.  

    arcobaleno (rainbow).
    flower - the fragility and naturallity of the flower.
    9 leafs - 9/3 = 3  - first dish, second dish and desert
    colors - white, because of different tastes, everyone can chose to fill there own plate (an empty plate is white, so you only have to come to Arcobaleno and fill it)
           orange - good to eat, fresh, exotic, warm, stimulating (focus only on the best)


    Arcobaleno  -  rainbow 
    target market  -  Italy ( regional )
    objective  -  selling ecological products/natural products

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