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A flyer developed for an upcoming Archive gig in September at The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin.
'Archive' New Album Launch at The Michelberger Hotel
For what will be a mega night
This little ditty is the flyer I recently got to design through The Michelberger Hotel for an upcoming gig/album launch/DJ set/all round great time with UK group Archive, which will be super! I haven’t done a solid type style for a while, and it was great trying to meet the bands feel with the Michelberger mood (a style I’m now a bit obsessed with drawing as you’ll see soon).  

I've included the finished product and the working sketch - the only major changes as you can see are the invert and adding colour which all came together surprisingly well in photoshop for me (for once!)

Come see the gig and the many band members and the lobby overflow with beautiful people!