Architect | Peerless Lighting Concept

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  • Architect | Peerless Lighting
  • Role: Designer
    Status: Concept

    Both fixtures utilize two energy-efficient T5 bulbs and a single ballast that run the length of the fixture. I like to refer to the first one as the “Architect,” since that was the target client for this project. Due to the nature of the product, the general form factor was confined to a rectilinear form. But “Architect” plays with slight asymmetry, creating dynamic angles that give the viewer a different impression from either side of the fixture. “Architect” is a very efficient, 100% indirect suspended lighting fixture.

    The second fixture is 10% direct / 90% indirect lighting. The concept behind this unit was to create a negative space that orbits the underside of the form, allowing a controlled amount of light to escape through the crevice and produce a soft ring of light. The sharp angles of the fixture combined with the roundness of the end caps create a harmony between soft and industrial aesthetics. The fixture gives off a variety of impressions when viewed from different angles and distances.