Archambault brand concept

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  • Branding Concept for
    Exploration and selection of the values ​​that would define the brand
  • Edmond Archambault opened the first store in 1896.
    This gave the idea to convey the concept of "tradition" through Edmond's signature. As I couldn't find an image of his real signature I had to "simulate" one.
  • Vectorizing, manual retouching and clean-up
  • Two cleaned versions to review, select and edit one
  • Dropping the capital letter from the logo lets me turn it into a symbol that helps to convey the concept of "leading-edge"
  • Different logotype+symbol combinations and final selection
  • Icon styles research
  • Final icon family for store departments and example of logo use within a department
  • Pattern for wrappin paper, stationery, website background, etc.
  • Stationery design