Apple iSPEC

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  • Apple iSPEC
  • This short film postulates the evolution of the personal media device and experience, placing the viewer within a digital recreation of the Colorado Lounge from Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". The film is entirely computer-generated and was featured in WIRED news after being downloaded nearly 75,000 times in April 2004. Autodesk iDesign award winner 2004, featured in Art Directors Club & Tekko Future Beautiful.

    Modeled the Colorado Lounge, several props including the typewriter and textured select elements. 
    Designed the DataTong interactive device.
  • Credits

    Director: Joseph Kosinski
    Production Company: KDLAB
    Design/Edit: Joseph Kosinski
    3D: Joseph Kosinski, Oliver Zeller
    Motion Graphics: Dean Di Simone
    DataTong Concept Designer: Oliver Zeller
    Music: Jocelyn Pook