Apple iDance

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  • Apple iDance
    Win the chance to be in the next Apple iPod advert!
  • We were asked to create a product for an assigned client and a specific user group.

     The client I was assigned was Apple and the user group was Australian, late teens/early twenties, high disposable income, female and into "having fun". 

     The concept was inspired by existing Apple iPod adverts and also by the TV show "So you think you can dance?"

     The product would be designed to bring people into the Apple store. 

     Inside the Apple store would be a booth in which a customer could choose to enter a competition to become the "dancer" in the next iPod advert. 

    The user would have to follow a step-by-step wizard to choose some options for their dance. 

     After dancing to their chosen song the user would be able to upload their entry to be judged by a celebrity panel.

    This wizard was coded in flash.