• Challenge
    As Chi Omega’s Public Relations Chair I was responsible for designing and purchasing all of our apparel for various events. Because our apparel budget was really tight I had to make sure that my designs and product choices were on trend but a great value as well. Most importantly, I always want the girls in the chapter to be excited about the apparel I design.
    I always asked the chapter for suggestions before I begin designing a piece of apparel. Usually this means I would send out a survey, but this could also mean designing for a 
    predetermined theme.
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  • Solution(s)
    Designing for a sorority is a lot like designing for a brand because, like a brand, Chi Omega comes with a lot of brand assets like our colors, symbols (the owl and the skull & crossbones), crest, and greek letters. I incorporated these assets into current designs that act as a campus-wide advertisement for our sorority and all of the amazing thing we do.
  • bid day 2012 shirt
  • miami university chapter centennial shirt
  • dad's weekend 2012 shirt