App Challenge - Create the future

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  • App Challenge is a competition project that offers Slovenian participants to develop, test and prototype their original ideas under the watchful eye and guidance of renowned trainers and change them into a usefull application.

    Goal of the project in the first phase consisted of three tasks - creation of a suitable mark/logo, developement of corresponding identity and construction/design of a website. The project was done in collaboration with Danijel Kurinčič, UX and UI expert, also one of the mentors of the event ( ).
  • First task - creation of a logo / mark

    App Challenge is a competition, dedicated to creatives and developers in the world of mobile apps. The mark had to express both properties well enough. My main goal was to create a simple, stylised, applicable yet very recognisable mark, that people participating could identify with easily.
  • Second Task - Website
    As the project was just born, the sole purpose of the website was to clearly present it's idea as well as intrigue potential candidates to participate. Saddly, a very tight deadline did not allow to implement a responsive nature at this stage. 
  • 1. Wireframe
  • 2. Sketch
    Starting to try out with defining the primary colours.
  • 3. Sketch 2
    This version deviated a bit from the first defined scheme but had the overall friendly appeal with the blackboard look-a-like background.
  • 4. Design - phase 1
    After the colour scheme has been defined, I developed the identity further and decided to go for a background wallpaper that would consist of simple sketched elements that represent the nature of the project.
  • 5. Final design
    End result is a cleaned out version without the navigation.
  • Third Task - Identity Developement
    This part was actually done parallely with the website part. The goal here was to create additional elements in the same, simple and characteristically comparable nature to the defined mark. 
    Element Vectorization
    Vectorization Result
    Neutral Wallpaper (not in use)
    Green Gif Wallpaper - currently in use
    Handrawn icons representing the main four steps of the event
    Colours used
    Thank you for dropping by!
  • Photo by: Irena Herak / Finance