Apothecary Herb Pen Sketches 2003

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  • Pen drawings of herbs, a sketchbook of descriptions based on extensive research from a combination of about 20 books including botanists like Nicholas Culpeper all documented in an annotated bibliography of properties of herbs accompanied drawings as part of a larger project applying symbolism of healing plants. These images were made into screen-prints and printed on silk then sewn into a symbolic healing quilt in 2003 at OCAD University in Toronto.
    *Note that although I really enjoyed this project, it was academic. At the time, age 21, I was interested in a possible career as a Naturopathic Doctor and even contacted the school of naturopathic medicine to find out what I needed to take for admissions, it turned out only a few science credits as the grades required were not very high, but I lost interest shortly after completing these drawings and decided that modern medicine exists as a result of advances to historical medical practices and clearly I didn't have the education or grades for a career as a doctor.