• When approached by the guys in Anxiety Fight there was nothing in place except for some high quality pieces of video and a blank DVD put together from the cutting room floor. Even with a blank canvas their mantra and mission won us over so we couldn't wait to get started.
    We began immediately with the branding. We aimed to capture tones that the user would be battling for their lives back from the villain that is anxiety drawing influences from old war posters, propaganda fliers, and even Salvation Army campaigns of old.
    Once the branding was complete we took right to the package design of the DVD set carrying over the battle elements that we began with. A minimal type and color based approach call to action is just what the package needed.
    Lastly, we launched a responsive website to promote and quickly link visitors socially with Anxiety Fight and join in on the discussions of battling anxiety with others.
    We salute you Anxiety Fight!
    Product photos by: Dan Bradley