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    The AntiMap is an Open Source creative toolset for recording and visualising your own data. The project currently consists of a smart phone utility application (AntiMap Log) for data capture, and a couple of web/desktop applications (AntiMap Simple and AntiMap Video) for post analysis and data visualisation.
    The aim for this project is to produce new and creative representations of data. It was originally created as a snowboarding/skiing application to visualise real time rider data and stats similar to a video game.
    My favourite part about this project was marrying my passion for snowboarding and creative coding. As sole creator of the project I was responsible for logo/brand design, mobile design/development for iPhone and Android, design/development for the desktop visualisation applications (Openframeworks, Processing, HTML5), website, copywriting, and the best part- test subject for the snowboarding video!

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  •  AntiMap Video is a desktop application built in Openframeworks. It synchronises recorded data from the AntiMap Log mobile application with raw video footage:
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  • AntiMap Log is a smart phone utility application for ‘recording’ your own data.
  • AntiMap Simple is a HTML5/ProcessingJS demo that visualises data from the AntiMap Log mobile application:
  • The AntiMap website: