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Anti Shark-finning poster
I used a lot of bright colours to illustrate this poster, with the intention of making people want to
take a closer look and figure out what I am talking about. The poster has many elements to it- a
hand holding a knife with a bloody fin right over a bowl of soup, a sign of the ban of shark-finning,
an image of a great white shark in the background that is portrayed to be a monster by humans 
mainly because of Steven Speilsberg’s movie ‘Jaws’ and then it also shows images of finless
sharks trying to navigate themselves underwater but eventually most of them drown and die
because they are practically immobile without their fins.
I further edited the colours on Photoshop and added a black border around it to make it stand out.
For my final printed poster I added supporting text at the bottom as well, so that the matter is further addressed and the viewers can visit the website provided for further information about this problem and what they can do to help prevent that act of shark-finning.