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  • Paintings, acryl on canvas , from 2006 until 2008, exhibited in Skopje, Bitola and Ohrid .
    They represent human figures in complementary colors with   repetition of geometrical forms. The title points that the treatment of the figures in the compositions is geometric and my artistic idiom and sensibility are lead by reason, mathematical precision, scheme, reduction to a universal, essential formula, to something that unites people ontologically,regardless of their race,class,religion, nation, political conviction,time, space or other thinking constructions. The artworks include organezed structures of broken forms which show the running of the human energy, the esthetical dimension in which the concept of the human form is split into geometric modules , an interior structure which is an outcome of the subconscious and spiritual, of intuition and reason....

  • photos by :  Ana Ivanovska, Marija Sotirovska, Elena GJorgjievska, Eli Ainovska, Biljana Angelevska and Dimitar Stojanovski