Another Day

    In a world of flying islands that do not see each other because of the dense clouds, lives a young man. He is completely alone, but he believes that one day meet someone in his life...
    Przemek Nawrocki & Damian Hofman

    Nights Amore - Path Of Irreversible Scars
    Nights Amore - To Be Alone, To Die

    We want to tell a short story about a man who lived all alone on a small island. For some time, he believes that one day he will meet the other person and will spend time together. For this purpose he built himself a small paper mill. The island has a few trees that will be used to him as a source of wood. Every day he writes letters, and then throws them into the abyss by dense clouds, in the hope that at the end of a letter back to him. Unfortunately, this is not happening ... Why?
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