Annual Report Book OKBM'2011

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  • Joint Stock Company "Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering" was founded in 1945. The enterprise has a well-developed and effective infrastructure, which provides for the entire production process: from the designing, fabrication and testing of products to their complete delivery to customers with subsequent maintenance during the entire life cycle of high-reliability reactor plants.
        Our design is based on two platforms. The first one is global national idea of the Soviet Union and the placat art of Rodchenko (constructivism)
    , which was habitual to the times of foundation the enterprise. The second issue is focused on modern infographics and 3 dimentional art. 
       As for design philosophy It is similar to the brand concept. The red-thread of the concept and  general aim of annual repot as marketing tool used to be internal brand involvment and stakeholders loyality. That is why we sugested to remember the times, when every russian family was involved to the idea of the first icebreaker creation. 
        Thanks to that kind of romantic theme we focused on 'icebreaker" as the key symbol of bringing people together for the idea of new world discovery. By this way the main graphic pattern visually reflects the way of icebreaker between ice. 
        This pattern works as  a red line for  page-proofs and infographics through the book of  OKBM Annual Report 2011.
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