Anni Hall

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  • Anni Hall is a Sydney-based creative working across a diverse range of disciplines including beauty, make-up, and writing. We needed to come up with a brand that aligned with these explorations without competing with them, and allowed a flexible platform to expand upon in tandem with her workflow.

    Working side by side with Anni, this brand explores the notion of personal inspiration that represents a particular time and place. I wanted the viewer to interact with the brand through the eyes of Anni herself, so we mapped out three spots in Sydney that have had a profound impact on her practice; Centennial Park, Gordons Bay, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. By incorporating flowers from each location into the brand, and using their scent on the printed stationary we can allude to the spaces in a two pronged approach; visual and olfactory. This also aligns strongly with the beauty industry that Anni is an integral part of.

    See the full project here