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A campaign promoting a series of toilet paper catered to women with sensitive hygiene problems.

*This is a group project
The main purpose of our brand is to be informative, close to heart and eventually be part of your daily routine by creating awareness through various channels and strategies. Information about skin sensitivity and conditions, knowing that a product like 安Ann helps your situation is crucial for personal well-being. Equipped with knowledge comes prevention of such conditions. One may confide in 安Ann because of mutual understanding. Our brand is made to be sensitive to your issues that is deem self-conscious. However, 安Ann reassure you that it is fine, we will help to put you at ease. When consumers are convinced by 安Ann, it becomes a habit support our brand and use our bath tissue on a frequent basis.
Logo for Ann
Interactive campaign posters for Ann, targetted at women:
How poster would look like after removing the "blindfold"
Informative postcard