Anlarsın Ya!

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    We made a microsite and a game to announce Turkish pharmaceutical company Abdi İbrahim's new 'performance enhancing' pill Zydena. 
    So, we did a website which indirectly tells Zydena's improvements with funny informations,
    images and a game!

    Visit the site here and Have fun.
  • And we've made a game! Which you get more points if you click the 'gas pedal' harder. 
  • Players get 1 of 5 badges depending on their score.
    Snow White: Lovely heart is not enough for happy ending.
    Champagne Bottle: Only one pop?
    Party Whistle: Loud but strident sound.
    Catapult: Oh! It's so hard. But could be better.
    Rocket: Sex Machine!
  • In this section, we've gave an information about world's biggest, most powerful, fastest machines. Which we say 'performance is better than size'