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  • Demo Reel
  • Cataracts TV Ad

    This is the first of 2 animated TV Ads I did for the Government of Nayarit in Mexico. This ads were commissioned to a graphic design agency I used to work for at the time called Unico.

    This Ad took about 3 days to be finished using Flash, Painter, Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Breast Cancer TV Ad
  • Squirrel and Bird

  • Despierta

    This is a short film I did for my sister's contemporary dance company "Tso". She used it to be projected on a big screen while they danced on a day of the dead inspired production.

    The dialog in this short film was taken from  a fragment of a book called "Pedro Paramo"  by Mexican author Juan Rulfo.
  • Pulp Fiction DVD Menu

    I did this DVD menu to practice with Adobe Encore. All the animation was done in After Effects.
  • Opening Titles

    Blood orange is a short film by Lachlan Smith and Caitlin Koller. For this video I used Cinema 4D and After Effects.